Pocket Holster Recommendations

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Pocket Holster Recommendations

Post by Vonz90 »

Any out there that any of you like?

This is for the CM9 that I bought, but any relevant thoughts would be appreciated.
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Re: Pocket Holster Recommendations

Post by D5CAV »

I use a strong-side IWB for my CM9s.

I use a Galco for my S&W J-Frames: https://www.galcogunleather.com/front-p ... _1122.html

I have a polished black horsehide and polished cordovan horsehide. I find they work well. I've never had one come out with the iron on the draw. Also they cover the profile of a revolver, even in light wool dress slacks.

I've tried some cheaper ones, I don't recall the brand. They were generic nylon pocket holsters sold for cheap at some ELGS. I think I dumped them in the "donation" bin at a friend's "iron" shop.
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Re: Pocket Holster Recommendations

Post by randy »

I have a Ted Blocker pocket holster for J frames that I like

https://tedblockerholsters.com/collecti ... nt-holster

Stays in the pocket when drawing. You have to work at it to get it to come out with the pistol in it. Sometimes easier to draw the weapon and then take it out of the pocket when securing at the end of the day, but I prefer that to having stay with the gun when actually trying to draw.
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Re: Pocket Holster Recommendations

Post by Gunnuts »


I don't usually wear pants that are conductive to pocket carry, but I have one of these that works well (P938) in a jacket pocket.

The grippy stuff on the sides keep it in the pocket and the stiffeners at the mouth allow re-holstering.

Not crazy expensive for a hand made item.

Not sure if he still does it, but when I ordered mine, I got a call from him to talk about the holster and carrying. Nice guy.
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