TWS Gen 3 AK rail/Leatherwood CMR 1-4 w/AK reticle

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Re: TWS Gen 3 AK rail/Leatherwood CMR 1-4 w/AK reticle

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A last follow up to this saga.... I moved a couple of weeks after my previous post in this thread, and both rifle and scope sat unused while I was too wrapped up in other projects to do much with guns. Finally pulled the trigger on a new scope. I was going to order the aforementioned Leupold from their custom shop, essentially the VX-R Patrol but with capped turrets instead of the stupid target knobs, or a regular VX-R with the Patrol's Firedot SPR reticle, depending on how you look at it. The price the Leupold site spat out was a bit more than I had expected, so I looked around at what else was out there.

Turned out I could get a Trijicon Accupower 1-4 for less money than the custom Leupold, so that's what I did. It arrived today, and now if I could just find where I put the stinking rings.... I'm sure they will turn up about 5 minutes after a replacement set ships. Also peddled the Leatherwood scope to a guy on another forum, so just chalking that up to a learning experience. Thought about putting it on my CZ527M, but I already have a scope that I like on there, and I would have had to buy a special set of 30mm rings for it, so it is going away as soon as the guy's payment arrives.

Review of the new scope to follow in its own thread once I manage to get it mounted and tested.
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Re: TWS Gen 3 AK rail/Leatherwood CMR 1-4 w/AK reticle

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I got an SWFA SS 1-4 and it seems like a solid scope.
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