Please list all TGC donations

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Re: Please list all TGC donations

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CombatController wrote:Our shooting backstop fund got exactly one $20 donation several years ago when we started it. I think it was Weetabix or Precision but I could be wrong.
That was me, but it was for the good of the order, if you will. I also helped them out with their first go-round of legal bills when Mel's girls were being taken away, and I'm hoping that's where the money went.

Someone called off the domain registrations before I had a chance to pitch into the free ice cream fund.
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Re: Please list all TGC donations

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CombatController wrote:We are at $1105 in this thread so far and we are renewed up to June of 2015. so... minus the $15 where did the other $1095 we know about get off to? I know it was actually much more because some contributors have not posted yet whom have talked to me so far.

I will post this in the other thread for those that have missed it.

I will say you are all a generous bunch of heavily armed folks!
It's a well known fact that conservatives donate FAR MORE than liberals do - even sometimes to causes they might not fully believe in. Case in point: I was picking up a couple of prescriptions at Wal-Mart and had already decided I was going to check out the fund-raisers outside the store since they were wearing Scout uniforms. When I came out and walked up to their stand/booth, I saw they were selling various bags of popcorn (none of which I NEEDED, and only one of which I WANTED), and when they told me the price of their popcorn, it was no surprise they weren't selling very many bags at: $15-a-bag!!!

Because I believe in the Scout's mission and ideals, I told them I wasn't about to pay $15 for A BAG OF POPCORN, but I would gladly donate $10 to their program, and asked for a receipt - not because I didn't trust the kid, but I wanted to make SURE it was recorded further down the line and wasn't skimmed by someone with less honest hands. When I asked for the receipt and WHY I wanted it, the kid wasn't offended in the least, although I did get some dirty looks from some of the supervising adults nearby (which made me glad I asked for the receipt).

Ask a liberal for money and one of the FIRST THINGS they will ask is: "What do I get in return??" Conservatives believe in giving simply for the sake of doing so, to help their fellow man, to show compassion and love from their hearts. Liberals give 'cause they want recognition or something else in return. It's almost NEVER an unconditional gift. And yet they have the gall to accuse conservatives of being heartless (of course, that's because we do these things with OUR OWN MONEY, and DO NOT use other's money to show how good we are at donating and/or giving to various causes)!! When it comes to giving their OWN MONEY, liberals are left FAR BEHIND in personal donations (and DO NOT count the recent HUGE donations by EXTREMELY WEALTHY folks like the Gates' and other Microsoft BILLIONAIRES donating a few MILLION in the fight against Ebola (to find out what they are REALLY giving, you'd need to read all the terms and conditions for them to receive ALL that funding - IT IS NOT as simple as GIVING them $100 MILLION to spend on Ebola research!!). Chances are, they will probably only receive 1/2 of the pledged amount.

YMMV, but I've seen better, and I've also seen FAR WORSE in regards to this kind of "giving".

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