Aimpoint PRO first shots, or Why You Should Use a Rest to Zero

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Aimpoint PRO first shots, or Why You Should Use a Rest to Zero

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Spent 4 hrs at the range trying to zero in my new PRO on my home defense AR. It replaces an Aimpoint Carbine Optic, which is a solid little piece of kit for a red dot. The ACO went on my backup carbine, which also needed its irons zeroed. I also wanted to shoot the carbine with my Olight Odin weapon light running to see if I could shake the light off of its mount or make it malfunction from mild recoil.

Since there was nowhere to go prone to do a 25-yard zero, I figured I'd just brace up with my sling. Results were awful. Lots of horizontal stringing.

Three magazines and a bunch of waiting for a guy in 92 degree weather who was patterning his Winchester 1886 later (he got 6 to 12" groups with a variety of his .45-70 handloads), I grab some sandbags and basically shoot standing over-barricade.

I got all the sights zeroed, kinda, but I'm going to head back to the range again soon to re-check zero. I want confidence on the irons.

The funniest part of the day was my backup carbine's last five-shot group where I got all of the rounds to touch. Who knew that Prvi Partizan 62gr FMJ in .223Rem was so accurate?

But yeah, I'm checking zero with a rest or sandbags from now on. Then I can plink away after that.

The PRO is a decent little red dot, and I like it as much as I like the red dot it replaced. The Odin didn't die, but it will eventually get replaced with a Surefire or similar light as an upgrade.
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