Trijicon Accupower 1-4x24

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Trijicon Accupower 1-4x24

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This is kind of a continuation of this thread, reviewing the TWS Gen 3 AK optic rail and Hi-Lux CMR AK 1-4 scope. As mentioned in that thread, after a few months of occasional range use (no training or field use), the CMR scope lost its zero and developed problems with the illumination adjustment. I sent it back to the manufacturer and they repaired it, but my confidence in that scope was nil at that point, and it is currently on its way to a new owner.

I decided to up my game a bit, so I ordered a Trijicon 1-4 scope from Amazon to replace the Hi-Lux on my SBR'ed AK. I had to give up on a scope with a dedicated 7.62x39 ballistic reticle because the only choices are either lower end manufacturers, or a 3 power ACOG that Trijicon makes with an AK reticle. I'm about done with the cheapie scopes for serious rifles at this point, but I am also not going to spend ACOG money, and even if I were I would buy a higher end 1-6 or 1-8 variable like all of the cool kids are using these days. The AccuPower is a mil/mil scope with their illuminated Mil-Square reticle, and I will just have to learn what ranges the mil markings correspond to. It is a second focal plane scope.

Anyway I got the scope mounted to the AK last week in a new set of Warne QD rings (I moved after removing the Hi-Lux and lost the old ones), and I finally made it to the range with it today. Due to a scheduling miscommunication with the friend I went with, I only had about an hour of shooting time, but I did manage to get the rifle zeroed and learned a few things about the new scope.

Bad news first.... One, the reticle on its highest setting does not show up outdoors under daylight conditions (i.e. it isn't red dot bright). This is a bit of a disappointment, but it is still an improvement over the old scope, since its illumination was no better (when it was working right), and the plain black Trijicon crosshairs show up better than the Hi-Lux reticle did. Second, the "clicks" for the windage and elevation adjustments can't really be described as such, since they are kind of indistinct and it takes a light touch to be able to know how far you have moved them. It didn't really impede me in getting zeroed quickly, and so far those are my only complaints.

Things I liked include the capped turrets... Not sure why so many optic makers insist on putting non capped, target type knobs on a scope meant for tactical use at close to medium ranges. I want to be able to zero the scope and then not worry about whether the knobs have been bumped. Also how the knobs lift and turn to reset the scale to your new zero without tools is nice. The Nikon scopes I have on my 300 Blackout rifles are the same way, except they have the stupid exposed target knobs (on a 1.5-6 scope....) that I specifically didn't want. Having that UNDER caps is the best of both worlds. The magnification adjustment on the scope moves freely enough to be easy to adjust, but with enough resistance so it will stay put unless you want to move it. They got that about right compared to some other scopes I have used, and the handle is easy enough to get ahold of that I feel no need for an extension.

This is the first mil/mil scope I have used and the oddness of the adjustments didn't seem to make it any more difficult to get zeroed. I don't really care about that vs. MOA adjustments since I am going to zero it and leave it, but I was glad not to have wasted a bunch of ammo chasing the zero. As I use the scope more, I will add further comments in this thread.



Edit to add; I do feel like a bit of a dumbass now since it appears the price of the ACOG with the AK reticle has dropped considerably since the last time I looked at them. I still would rather have a variable but the price now is at least within spitting distance.
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Re: Trijicon Accupower 1-4x24

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If that is your worst dumbass move. You are doing fine. thanks for the review
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Re: Trijicon Accupower 1-4x24

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The TLDR difference between mils and MOA is that mils are a finer adjustment.
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