Yogi Reviews: Age of Ultron! (Spoilerific!)

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Yogi Reviews: Age of Ultron! (Spoilerific!)

Post by Yogimus »

First, a little bit of general spoiler free fare:

The movie is nothing we haven't seen before from marvel, in fact you could cut and paste all the fight scenes from marvel movies together and not be able to tell the difference, so when it comes to ranking the movie solely on the action, it receives a solid "Meh". Where the movies excel is in comic book nerdgasms, and in character development of comic book heroes. As such, this movie did fairly well. In summation, this is an incredibly generic action flick, done well, with great characters.

I can NOT recommend this movie to those that are new to the franchises, as there is very very little background given to the main cast, and cameos are utterly unexplained.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend the movie to those that have been following the series, because it creates its own story without wasting time on reintroducing everything all over again.

[center]"SPOILER CONTENT"[/center]
I love the characters, and each actor in the movie does an excellent job of keeping his own tone. Iron man acts like IRON MAN, captain America acts like goddamned captain America, and bruce banner is consistently bruce banner. They don't switch their characters to match the tone of the movie, the movie allows them to exist as their own entity. This allows the plot of the movie to flow in an organic way, driven by the characters, and not "Because the script said so" style shenanigans.

I love how the movie doesn't rub your face in a "LOOK! LOOK HOW CLEVER WE ARE!!!" moment when they successfully pull one off. There is one in particular, and massive spoilers coming, where the characters face their fears. Everyone affected by this trance freaks out, and has flashbacks. Captain America bears his flashback the most gracefully, and that's when you, as the audience, realize... oh yea... he's a combat vet. This is not a new nightmare to him.

The character of Ultron was well done, and he really did NOT feel like "CGI-BAD MAN". Unfortunately, right about the time of his introduction is where the movie started to fall apart as a movie, entering a tailspin of ridiculousness that it would never recover from.

You HAVE seen this movie before. GENERIC as all hell. It is literally paint by numbers schlock. Well done schlock, but holy hell, man.
In the marvel universe, everyone's superpower consists of punching.
The introduction of Vision was really half assed. He was both a McGuffin, and a Deus Ex Machina.
Another marvel movie with "HUNDREDS OF IDENTICAL BADDIES!!!" final fight.

Ultron can access billions of dollars and never once de-funds the Avengers
Where the hell was the train going?
HOW THE HELL are people breathing above 12,000 feet?
Avengers never once secure the original crime scene in the movie. They literally leave a hydra base, filled to the brim with advanced weaponry, unattended.
Ultron, being an AI that can be transferred from one place to another, never makes a backup, and in fact actively destroys his own backup in a dramatic gesture.
"Here is the armageddon device. Best to leave it unguarded."[/spoiler]
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Re: Yogi Reviews: Age of Ultron! (Spoilerific!)

Post by JAG2955 »

Just got back from seeing it.

[spoiler]Marvel, you need to show collateral damage. I'm sorry. You can't "save everyone", every time, all the time. Sorry if it cuts into your toy sales.[/spoiler]
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Re: Yogi Reviews: Age of Ultron! (Spoilerific!)

Post by JustinR »

After seeing James Spader in The Blacklist, casting him for Ultron was an excellent choice. His performance kept the movie interesting and enjoyable, otherwise as Yogi said it might have become a cookie-cutter action film. Definitely worth seeing if you've been a fan of the other Marvel movies.
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