Steiner Riflescope Review

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Re: Steiner Riflescope Review

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I use a DNZ GameReaper on my .270. I haven't had to worry about my scope moving during test of near Jack O'Connor level loads for hunting.
DNZ products also has their Freedom Reaper Mount that can be found in 34mm.

I don't shoot anything heavier than my .270 scoped so my information and experience are limited.
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Re: Steiner Riflescope Review

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HTRN wrote:Ken Farrell sells steel 30mm rings for under 170 bucks.
Thanks for the suggestion, HTRN!

I made the pilgrimage to Warsaw, MO based on your recommendation. Ken Farrell and his gang are serious about accuracy.

I had a "problem child" that needed some work. Bases, rings and lapping was a lot more than $170, but it fixed a problem.

I was at the range this weekend.

2 boxes of .300 Weatherby Magnum and my Zeiss scope didn't do any walking in the rings.

That "problem child" polished up to a real diamond.

Factory 180gr Nosler Solid Base Boat Tail was a 1" group at 100m right in the X-ring.

Factory 165gr Nosler Ballistic Tip was basically one ragged hole 1" above the X on the 10-ring - I'd say a 1/2" group.
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Re: Steiner Riflescope Review

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My default suggestion these days is Farrell for rings and mounts.

My big problem is finding a good affordable varmint scope(IE under 500 bucks). Needs to go to at least 18 power, at least 40mm, and must have target knobs(1/4" click) and ideally an adjustable objective. Redfield has a "Revenge" that goes to 18 power, but no target knobs and no adjustable objective. Frankly, if they offered their Revolution/Tac at this power, they'd sell alot of them to budget varmint shooters.
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