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Re: Kangaroo Carry

Post by blackeagle603 »

That second bulge is a couple Hodad's single bacon cheeseburgers and an order of Onion rings.

I'm liking this well enough that I may give one of their medium or large frame versions a try. T

Thanks for the belly band review. I've been wanting to give one of those a try too. At that price it's a cheap rig to eval.
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Re: Kangaroo Carry

Post by Weetabix »

BE - where did you get that rig?
ETA: Oops - should have read the thread title! :lol:
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Re: Kangaroo Carry

Post by Greg »

Rumpshot wrote:Looks like this is the holster. Kangaroo Concealed Carry

I didn't know you were a "southpaw." :lol:

I do like the "undershirt" though. Looks just like one of mine. :D
That's one giant rack. :o
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Re: Kangaroo Carry

Post by arctictom »

I like his models better :P
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Kangaroo Carry

Post by Michaelser »

Ken Onion knives are awesome....I have 7 different styles and carry my Blur and my Leek all the time...I also have a couple lower cost ones but not the one your are talking about...Will have to get one and try it out...One never has enough knives around to carry....Nice to change up once in awhile...
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Re: Kangaroo Carry

Post by HTRN »

Why woild you want to carry a Kangeroo? They're vicious and heavy. Woildnt a gun make more sense? :mrgreen:
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Re: Kangaroo Carry

Post by Rod »

Talk about a necro post.
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Re: Kangaroo Carry

Post by g-man »

Double necro! Post had died for 2 years, was briefly resurrected 6 years ago, and is now back.

Thst said, anybody have experience with these holsters and 1911s?
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