Dewine signs OH Stand Your Ground Law

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Dewine signs OH Stand Your Ground Law

Post by randy »

I'm frankly surprised. I assumed he had been waiting for the legislative session to end so they couldn't override a veto. Especially after he jumped on the "do something" bandwagon following the Dayton Oregon District shootings with his version of a Red Flag Law*.

Proof again that while he is definitely a squish that leans left, he ain't Kasich.

From The Buckeye Firearms Association

As a candidate for governor, then Attorney General Mike DeWine promised Ohio's 4 million gun owners that he would sign legislation to repeal the state's unjust duty to retreat law. On Monday, January 4th, 2021,Governor DeWine fulfilled that commitment by signing Senate Bill 175.

During the last days of session in late December 2020, the Ohio General Assembly voted to include this Second Amendment priority in Senate Bill 175, which also grants immunity to non-profit organizations from litigation in the event an act of gun violence takes place on their premises. DeWine's signature on the bill enacts one of Buckeye Firearms Association's top legislative priorities.
This bill brings Ohio into line with as many as 35 other states that have some form of stand your ground, with no duty to retreat for those who face imminent and deadly harm as long as they are in a place they are legally permitted to be. While this bill changes one technicality in Ohio law, it does not change the near universal and well-established standard for use of lethal force, nor does it give criminals a free pass to commit violent crime.

*(Red Flag Law, the theory that someone is so dangerous to the public that they must have their firearms confiscated, but are then left, probably more pissed off, free to access vehicles, flammable liquids, various chemicals, fertilizer...)
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Re: Dewine signs OH Stand Your Ground Law

Post by Vonz90 »


If the Left does not like stand your ground laws, they can thank themselves for them. It was the multitude of innocents who were victimized by left wing prosecutors that produced the support for stand your ground laws.
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Re: Dewine signs OH Stand Your Ground Law

Post by MiddleAgedKen »

I'm frankly shocked, but DeWeathervane has to know he's going to face a serious primary challenge and is likely reinforcing his right flank :D. Most Ohio Republicans with statewide name recognition are empty suits, so I'm not sure it will matter, but we'll see what happens.
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