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Re: Just WTF

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If somebody is believed to be shooting cops, I doubt if they will announce their arrival like that. Even under "normal" circumstances, I have observed APD roll into a neighborhood with no sirens or lights, park down the street a ways, and proceed on foot to their destination house. I have seen that happen a couple of times. Wasn't involved so I don't know what the circumstances were, but since it didn't make the news, probably typical operations.
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Re: Just WTF

Post by randy »

Even with sirens, Auditory Exclusion (or even just ringing in the ears from firing a weapon without hearing protection) could be another factor to not realizing the "cavalry" is coming and prepping to not be the next Blue on Blue statistic.
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Re: Just WTF

Post by Termite »

The CCW instructor in the class I took told us after stopping the perp, holster our weapon and DO NOT stand around holding the perp's weapon.

In this instance, cops rolled up looking for a shooter with an AR, which had been reported by multiple calls to 911. They shot the person holding the AR.
Yes, it is a tragedy. Yes, the cops should probably have warned first before shooting. But the "good guy" was foolish to pick up the AR after the perp had been neutralized.
Additionally, one of the cops' "own"(another cop) had just been killed; they were on "hair trigger".
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Re: Just WTF

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I think that’s actually the opposite - I think if cops are being targeted, that’s the last thing they would do.

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