Russian style

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Re: Russian style

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Dammit!!!! Denis beat me to it!
But there ain't many troubles that a man caint fix, with seven hundred dollars and a thirty ought six."
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Re: Russian style

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boy that was a high hanging slow pitch if I ever saw one. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yer killing me Smalls! :lol:
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Re: Russian style

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Denis wrote:
HTRN wrote:
Netpackrat wrote: As I said before, I always considered Aesop's return to have been my punishment for having invited Yogi here.
So whs punishment am I? :mrgreen:
Everybody's! :lol:
Yes and think about what awful sin you comitted to deserve this. :twisted: :mrgreen:
HTRN, I would tell you that you are an evil fucker, but you probably get that a lot ~ Netpackrat

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Re: Russian style

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First Shirt wrote:Dammit!!!! Denis beat me to it!
Sometimes, the time zones work to my advantage :-)
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Re: Russian style

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"HTRN: Because You Touch Yourself At Night"
Remember, folks, you can't spell "douche" without "Che."

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Re: Russian style

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Really nice gear man!
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