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Re: Overheard on the net

Post by g-man »

I specifically went out and bought a 'compliant' knife for carry while I was at work in the Pentagon. We were limited to a 2.5" blade, so I found a decent locking folder at Home Depot, and carried that. Outside work, I carry my Benchmade pretty much everywhere, vacations to visit my brother in NYC excepted.
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Re: Overheard on the net

Post by Precision »

some would say I fit the profile of chimp with a hair cut regardless of my knife accessories.

My Benchmade goes with me everywhere. I don't even consider it. My two sons have fallen into that pattern as well. So much so that when the elder one flew down for mom in Hospice, he had to ditch it in the TSA trash. Completely forgot it was there. Its just part of him at this point. Pissed him off as it was his Best man Keepsake from a friend's wedding. I may buy him a replacement.

Rat bastards that can't handle a pointy, sharp tool in their proximity.
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Re: Overheard on the net

Post by Rod »

The year before I retired from teaching, the teacher next door asked me if I had a can opener. She had some fruit for lunch. I pulled out my S&W Tactical knife and made short work of the can. Next day, I was called into the principal's office and asked if I had a knife. Said yep and showed it to him. He about had heart failure and told me to take it out to my car and never bring it back on campus again. Glad I didn't mention the pistol secured in my car, even though it's legal in Texas. THAT was one of the reasons my wife and I decided to retire.
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Re: Overheard on the net

Post by Termite »

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Re: Overheard on the net

Post by Whirlibird »

Went to Disneyland recently.
It appears that a SAK is a weapon in their demented eyes.
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Re: Overheard on the net

Post by Windy Wilson »

I had a girlfriend who was creeped out (her words) by me carrying a Spartan Swiss Army knife, even though I only used it for socially acceptable purposes, including saving a pelican from a tangle of fishing line (a hook was caught in a wing) at the Malibu Pier.

I do like that Spyderco T shirt, "All God's Critters have knives", including the fairer sex with those long fingernails.
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