Rep. Adam Smith want to CANX F35

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Re: Rep. Adam Smith want to CANX F35

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randy wrote: Wed Jul 21, 2021 4:37 pm I dealt mostly with air-to-mud, not air-to-air, so I don't know just how often MACH1+ is actually used in that realm. I would think it would be more important for air defense types than strike operations. I can see how that might be important for Fleet air defense especially.

I have issues figuring out where it would really be needed for things like Marine air support. Especially with the development of hypersonic weapons to get to the target very quickly from a long ways away.

And it highlights again the problems that arise when the services (or someone above them) insist on a single do everything platform.
Considering that the Marines are replacing the AV8B with the F35, and the Harrier cannot go supersonic at all, it is clearly a plus there. For the fleet defense roll, the Nav is more low to medium altitude that the AF, so maybe not a problem but the devil is in the details.

It will probably work out, but the Navy/Marines should have had their own platform.
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Re: Rep. Adam Smith want to CANX F35

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Vonz90 wrote: Tue Aug 17, 2021 12:09 am ... ar-AAMYQZH

On July 29, the Navy removed Independence from the fleet during a ceremony at Naval Base San Diego. The event was closed to the public for health and safety reasons related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic...
...and in hopes this embarrassing chapter can just quietly close unnoticed.

Bye Bye Little Crappy Ship
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