The Coming Civil War

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The Coming Civil War

Post by skb12172 »

This guy started as a red pill philosophy guru. Specifically, regarding modern dating and the futility of relationships with modern women.

He grew up in Chile under the Pinochet reign. He has been in this country ever since he was a student at Columbia University.

About a year ago, he moved his family to the Ukraine.

I'm not saying that I agree with everything he says. I'm also not saying that I disagree with everything he says. I would like to open a discussion on this video. Feel free to peruse his YouTube channel for other, similar videos on this topic.
There must be an end to this intimidation by those who come to this great country, but reject its culture.
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Re: The Coming Civil War

Post by Greg »

Personally, the coming civil war is one of the reasons why I HAD to get out of where we were and move to less densely populated red state.

When things come apart, being 30 miles from NYC is not going to be a survival enhancer.
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Re: The Coming Civil War

Post by randy »

Yeah, I'm starting to think I mad a strategic error in 1992 by not settling somewhere West of the Mississippi and East of the Sierra Nevadas
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Re: The Coming Civil War

Post by Precision »

I don't think it is a coming Civil War. I think we have been in it for at least the past 4 if not as much as 8 years. It is low grade and very under reported in the media / social media.

But sanctuary cities, corporate repression of civil liberties and the behest of politicians, absolute double standards under the law based on political belief and where you live.
intimidation, blackmail, and even murder is ok for some and to further some goals -- while peaceful assembly and petitions for redress are sedition if done by others

We are in a Civil War, it just hasn't spread into half asleep middle America yet or I should say the gory effects haven't spilled there yet except in containable amounts. Leftist revolutions are slow and corrosive. We are at least up to our ankles in corrosive acid and have been standing in it for a while. Just too many are willfully ignorant or very aware of what happens to the first people who shout about the emperor and his clothes.

I am much better off in a deeply red portion of rural TN, than I was close to Orlando, but even here I have been accosted (verbally) by BLM sycophants. And greater Nashville is a no go zone. Not like Detroit or DC, but it isn't safe both from the side of the lunatic citizens and the demoralized and corrupt police force... stand down orders, promotion of BLM parades...
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