How about some hyper inflation

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Re: How about some hyper inflation

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Re: How about some hyper inflation

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Vonz90 wrote: Thu Aug 11, 2022 8:03 pm More stagflation on the way; ... epression/
I agree, and mostly because I remember the stagflation of the seventies, and when a broker told me that "whenever anyone says, 'this market is different', put your hand on your wallet and head for the door."
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Re: How about some hyper inflation

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The reason why for inflation is simple - they're still running the presses. They printed 13 trillion in 2021. They've ordered somewhere between 7 and 10 Trillion for FY 2022. As long as they continue to expand the money supply, the inflation will continue to spiral out of control.
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Re: How about some hyper inflation

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yeah, look at M2. up, up, up.
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