Hurricane Ida

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Hurricane Ida

Post by randy »

First of all: Good luck and best wishes for any board members in the path of Ida. PLEASE check in when able to let us know how you are doing.

From the Ham Radio side, in addition to the Hurricane Watch Net being active, the following announcements:

The Weekly Winlink Wednesday Net is requesting that all submissions be through local VHF/UHF nodes, or during the scheduled HF Peer to Peer sessions to avoid tying up HF nodes this week in case they are needed for Hurricane relief and recovery operations.

The EmComm Training Organization Winlink Thursday exercise has been canceled this week well for similar reasons.
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Re: Hurricane Ida

Post by blackeagle603 »

Cyber signed off FB 8:17 last night. Shut phone off to conserve battery when pwr was out for good about 5.
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Re: Hurricane Ida

Post by Termite »

I emailed with him(Cyber) Aug 22, last I've contacted him.

His area did get hit pretty good by Ida, not nearly as bad as Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes.

City of Houma sustained major damage. It will be Sept 30 or later before all power is restored. I took 2 drums of gasoline and 60lbs of ice down to a co-worker who lives there. He only had minor damage to his house itself, but lost his pool deck and privacy fences.
And speaking of his pool, that's how he and his neighbors are flushing their toilets, and taking showers in the evenings; using buckets of pool water.

Most people have small generators to keep their fridges and freezers going, and many have small window A/Cs.
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Re: Hurricane Ida

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Late to replying. I had part of a fence blown over, poles snapped at ground level. Nothing physical hit it, near as I can tell. Other than that, just downed branches. My friend I'm now staying with has big trees down all over her property, but none on any buldings. Did take out big swaths of her 6' tall Catahoula & Great Dane-proof fence.
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