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Absolutely. It's because of their influence and hard work we've developed the strong sense of community we have to continue on.

I owe a lot of my attitude change many years ago to reading Kim and Steven den Beste, and then got more education from reading Connie's posts.

They're an incredibly tough act to follow (I know I couldn't fill Kim's shoes), and it just goes to show you, the learning NEVER STOPS.

I said a long time ago that if I ever win the lottery that I'd love to fund their home schooling initiative "Did Today" - unfortunately, that's never happened (us winning the lottery), but they've been shown right time and time again, regardless of your political leanings - and many people have taken it to heart and homeschooling continues to grow.

They've let a positive influence regarding continual improvement in their wake, and I much praise for what they've accomplished. Honestly, I really wonder if someone born in the US would have had the same impact.

Although their posts will remain accessible, any new relevant material will be missed (unless you happen to be one of their next-door neighbors :) ).

Seriously, I'm thankful they made the decision to keep their material online for our enjoyment and education.

I'll miss them.

A person properly schooled in right and wrong is safe with any weapon. A person with no idea of good and evil is unsafe with a knitting needle, or the cap from a ballpoint pen.

I remain pessimistic given the way BATF and the anti gun crowd have become tape worms in the guts of the Republic. - toad
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