What Happened? Forum Was Gone!!?

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Re: What Happened? Forum Was Gone!!?

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I know someone with Crohn's. I believe I will suggest she subscribe to your newsletter.

Thanks for the link.
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Re: What Happened? Forum Was Gone!!?

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Think they've been treating C. diff that way now too (but I think it calls for a surgical procedure).
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Re: What Happened? Forum Was Gone!!?

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FMT's saved my son's life. Daughter in law became expert at prepping capsules (and finding exceptionally healthy donor babies/toddlers).

He was wasting away, systems shutting down, dying a few years out of the Corps. Doc's threw their hands up. His gut was a post apolcalytic deadzone after clueless doc's treated him with 3 different progressively nasty antibiotics for a (non-existent) sinus infection.
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