Rats in paradise

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Re: Rats in paradise

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blackeagle603 wrote: Fri Apr 10, 2020 6:54 pm I recollect that nationwide in the 50's average family home was a ~900 sq ft 3 bdrm. 4-6 kids were common.
I went and looked up my late grandparents' house (San Carlos, CA - SF side of the Bay), built in 1949: 1200 sq ft, 3 bed, 1 bath

For comparison: my parents' house, built 1968 - 1600 sq ft, 3/2 (Livermore, CA, Oakland side of the Bay)
my current house, built 1980 - (as built) ~1700 sq ft, 3/2.5, as remodeled, ~2000 sq ft, 4/3 (Brazos county, TX, ~2 hrs N of Houston)

And my sister's 1000 sq ft, 2/2 condo in San Mateo (SF side of the Bay) is currently valued at almost as much as my parents' house. (~$750k vs ~$900k, per Zillow)
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Re: Rats in paradise

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Termite wrote: Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:44 pm I would have thought winters in Asheville would discourage the homeless from congregating there.
Forget Asheville - NYCs homeless population dwarfs that of any other city in the country ~ 78k. Los Angeles is a distant second with 56k. And Winters are brutal here compared to most of west coast and the South.
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Re: Rats in paradise

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Plenty of homeless in Anchorage too, surprisingly. Not an easy place to spend the winter outdoors.
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Re: Rats in paradise

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Termite wrote: Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:44 pm I would have thought winters in Asheville would discourage the homeless from congregating there.
Winters are pretty mild in this area. I'm from the next county up from Pittsburgh PA so my perception may be skewed. I have a feeling some move up this way in the good weather and back further south in the winter. Lots of travelling hobo types all over the truckstops and businesses along the highways of the surrounding area. The last few years I've seen more of what seem like locals taking up the living out of my car begging in parking lots lifestyle. Considering the cost of living shooting up around here I can see people that barely got by before ending up on the street since demand is so high, rent has gone way up.

The homeless numbers are not anything like the big rat cages. Asheville's problem is that a sleepy little mountain tourist town turned in to a place people wanted to stay. The left has a hard grasp on city politics and population has ~doubled in 30 years.

The surrounding area's problem is that Asheville has essentially filled up and it's all starting to spill out of the city limits.
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