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Re: Affianced

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Congratulations! Pretty soon, you'll have to quit throwing knives in the house.
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Re: Affianced

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my marriage was the best and worst thing that ever happened to me.
Best because my soulmate and I became one and my and her lives were made immeasurably better.

Worst because I only got four years before cancer called her back to God.

Best, because that was the best four years of my life by FAR.

Worst, because I now know what I was missing the rest of my life.

Best, because I now know what is possible.

The list goes on. Just know that best and worst is a matter of prospective and very actively working to make the worst also the best, from both sides. If you can master that, you are destined for greatness.
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Re: Affianced

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Like my brother said - congrats and condolences 👍🏻
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Re: Affianced

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