We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

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Yeah, true enough. We're all thinking the same things, but let's make sure our comments don't make anything worse.
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

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MelodyByrne wrote:
randy wrote:Insert long string of expletives here.

As the others said, good luck and let us know if we can help.
I'm currently setting things up with a Canadian lawyer that I've been in contact with since early 2008. We'll be retaining him and filing as soon as we can.

So there are two things (other than cash flow) that would help.

1. a place for me and Chris to stay in northern Washington while I appear at court. Preferably along the I-5 corridor, Bellingham or Blaine would be awesome.

2. a place to stash my firearms in northern Washington while I'm in Canada where I really should be able to defend myself, but am forced to be unarmed.
I have a futon and a couch at my place in northern, WA if ya'll want it.
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

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sorry I haven't dropped in lately... Found this at Chris' blog, and made a comment -- I think it's worth posting here as well...
This is HELL. I know - I lived it.

It also may be the best possible thing.

When I first went to custody-court, everyone I knew (including her family) said they were praying for me to win custody of them.

I corrected them - told them to pray (as I was) that WHATEVER happened would be in the kids' long-term best interest.

Honestly - in hindsight - I was sorta playing semantics with G*d. It was so painfully obvious that they belonged with me that I couldn't imagine any other outcome.

I was wrong.

I nearly died when the outcome was "joint legal" with "visitation" being "granted" to me every weekend. (edit: How could this possibly BE? How could G*D do this to MY KIDS - never mind ME??!!)

The Beast proceeded to tell everyone she'd been given sole custody - even telling the school (which she refused to tell ME - I had to hire a PI (edit:to tell me what school)) that she had a "restraining order" that I was allowed no contact and barred from coming within 500 feet of her or the kids.

This was the LEAST of her evil.

The kids went downhill quickly - eldest, though a precocious 6 year old began defecating in her pants within months, though this too was hidden from me and never happened when she was with me...

When I found out how bad it was, I immediately filed for modification of custody - and she accused me of molesting my daughters.

Long story less long, I was eventually awarded sole legal custody, and the girls not only recovered but THRIVED! Eldest is a sophomore in a damn fine college, Deans List and now an R.A. Youngest finished her 10th-grade year with 4 COLLEGE credits under her belt, and is on track to be Valedictorian and finish a year of college credits before her HS graduation.

All IN SPITE OF their Mom's evil.

My point? Remember -- we all prayed for "whatever is in their long-term best interest."

I now understand that had I "won" the first time around, the first time one of them skinned their knee Mom would have filed child-abuse charges, and wouldn't have quit until she won. (EDIT: After a few dozen "tips" to CPS they'd have given them to her just to CYA)

As it was, she had her shot and it came out EXACTLY as I'd tried to tell The Court it would.

Further, Mom had enough rope to THOROUGHLY hang herself -- proving herself more interested in punishing ME than in taking care of her children.

The Court is ALWAYS loath to move kids from what they think is a stable situation - and there's ZERO chance of someone like Mom (EDIT: Open defiance of The Court, 300 PROVEN counts of perjury, malicious/false molestation charges, 3 false police-reports etc - not to mention all the serious behavioral problems that ONLY happened in her care) ever getting The Court to give them back to her.

They barely remember ever living with Mom, and during the most important years they've had the stability only I could grant them.

IOW, all prayers were answered EXACTLY as prayed.

Sometimes you have to lose to win.

Sometimes we must suffer through hell to accomplish the long-term best for our kids. That's all that SHOULD really matter!

Ergo, I would encourage all to pray for G*D to grant the outcome that is in the long-term best interest of these kids - and for Mel and Chris to be bathed in the peace that passes all understanding.

EDIT: If there's anything I can do to help, if I can share my experience and hard-won knowledge, WHATEVER - let me know...

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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

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I know you'll stick with this to the end. I'm also confident that you will ultimately prevail. We're all behind you both and you know that if you need help, you need only ask.

That said, I hope when the dust settles you won't simply decide, "Well, it's done and we just want to put the whole thing behind us." That is how evil is allowed to flourish. If there is any way you can get the judge reprimanded/censured/whatever, as well as dealing whatever legal blow you can to the assclown who has your kids, I hope you will strongly consider sticking with this until ALL justice is done.
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

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I'm sorry I'm late to the party, but all I can say is WTF? All I can do is pray and hit the tip jar. I hope it helps.
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