We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

Post by Cybrludite »

What the others have said. If y'all need anything, let me know. :evil:
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

Post by Frankingun »


Will that guy ever run out of money? I pray you get them back ASAP.
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

Post by Mike OTDP »

CByrneIV wrote: Small town judge with a reputation for being crazy, stupid, and lazy. The lawyer representing them was one of her friends and a former associate (just for this hearing. Their normal lawyer was there too but he's not admitted to the Idaho bar).

The hearing was at 3:30 on the Friday before a three day weekend, and she just wanted to get out and go to her vacation.
And people wonder why we despise the judiciary.
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

Post by Rod »

There's so much I want to say but it'd be deleted by the mods. Chris, if there's anything we can do, please let us know. Rudy and I are behind you all the way.`
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

Post by Guncrazy »

She doesn't believe she has the authority to do what's in the best interest of children? Why is she a judge, again? And if, as she seemed to suggest, wasn't entirely certain of her authority (or prohibitions against it), she should damn well have taken the time to educate herself, or recused herself and given the case to a competent judge.

Been following this for a while, and I'm pissed and disappointed at this turn of events. Sorry it went the way it did, Chris. Godspeed and good luck in the next round.
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

Post by tcourtplayer »

Our prayers go out to you and hope for a speedy and just conclusion.
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

Post by Nicodemus »

Man I wish I didn't know what you are going through. An incompetent judge is one thing and an incompetent father another but to go through what you guys are with the additional challenge of an unorganized international court structure on this is seems insane.

I am hoping Erin and I have better luck next week for our hearing. If Erin hadn't lost TEMPORARILY lost primary residential parent status after moving 130 miles from her previous address because the judge "was offended that 2 months after orders were set "they" were making her hear this case again" I wouldn't believe it. But man I know better.

A judges "best interest" of the child is directly comparable to a politicians "best interest " of the country.
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

Post by workinwifdakids »

I am really, really sorry. This hits closer to home than I care to tell right now, but suffice it to say I've been there, done that, and my heart aches for you both.

Jesus. You have the faith of ten men. If it were me, I'd have gone off the grid.
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

Post by randy »

Insert long string of expletives here.

As the others said, good luck and let us know if we can help.

Is that judge in an elected position? If so, I'd have plans in the back of my mind (for AFTER you get the kids back) to ensure that they at least go through hell the next election, if not out on their ass entirely.
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Re: We've TEMPORARILY lost our children

Post by Greg »

I couldn't even imagine being in that situation. For what it's worth you've got my sympathy and my best wishes. I hope this all works out, and I know you and Mel will do whatever needs to be done for the good of the girls.
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