Today I learned....

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Re: Today I learned....

Post by Wrenchbender1 »

Today I learned that Merrill Field is busy and that my radio work (Which wasn't so hot 2 years ago) hasn't aged well. :oops:
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Re: Today I learned....

Post by blackeagle603 »

Today I learned that the bloodiest block in the West was in Ft Benton MT.
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Re: Today I learned....

Post by Weetabix »

Today I learned that if you want to get ALL of the V8 juice out of the bottle and turn it upside down to let it drain while you do other things, the cold air in the bottle warms up and when you open the cap upside down over your cup, most of the V8 shoots out on the counter, your pants and your shirt.

(actually, I knew that, so maybe what I learned is that I need to pay more attention)
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Re: Today I learned....

Post by g-man »

Shooting a pistol with a red dot installed is like turning a cheat code on. Finally got the SIG 365XL out somewhere I could shoot it, and DAMN is that thing easy to shoot. Trigger is just a hair nicer than the Hellcat - both fall short of the 1911, but are much nicer than my XD .45 was.

Also learned that I can’t shoot the LTC qual here in TX with it, since red dots aren’t allowed. Which is ok. I’ll either shoot it with the Hellcat or SWMBO’s XDm .40… no biggie.
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