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Colt New Agent clone

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 8:21 am
by Goods2010
Thinking about getting together some parts and attempting to put together a Colt new agent build. Sadly I can't find more information about frame type or slide length. Hoping this place could help me out. Links to products are not required. Just name (government, commander, etc) and (5" 4" 3" etc). I'll wade through the online catalogs to find it.

I'm going to try to work off a completed frame, but if can't find the right one I'll try to find an 80%. I know it requires extra effort and tooling. Prepared to deal with that. I'm not a machinist however a local gentleman I served in Afghanistan with has held that occupation for ten years. If it gets buggered up we will just start over from scratch.