Ilse's first squirrel hunt

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Re: Ilse's first squirel hunt

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rightisright wrote:
First Shirt wrote:One of the more "memorable" discussions I had with my grandpa about hunting regulations came about when he caught me shooting doves off of a power line with a single-shot .22.

Hey, I went six-for-six before he caught me!
Hey Ho! The same thing happened to me. But it was a .177 cal bb gun. Those doves can take a LOT of bbs before falling. And the neighbor called my dad. He was NOT happy.
Interesting. Our neighbor 50 years ago was doing that with an air gun, shooting the doves off the power lines in the alley. The woman across the alley wasn't happy about that at all. I think that's why the city forbids discharge of an air rifle within city limits now.
We all had 50 by 150 lots, so it wasn't a rural setting.
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Re: Ilse's first squirrel hunt

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