Locking up your guns? Cable locks? Lock Boxes?

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Re: Locking up your guns? Cable locks? Lock Boxes?

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Someone with more of a brain at Liberty seems to have taken control of the situation. I still don't like the idea that they kept the master codes but they claim it was so customers could call them if they forgot their code. Now they set up a site you can go to to have your codes removed from their database so they can't hand them over. Also they changed policy to not cooperate unless forced by a subpoena.

Can they be trusted? I don't know but they sure fucked up by the numbers this time. I am at the point in my life where I'm not really surprised by this kind of stuff and follow the old X Files advice, trust no one.

I've read elsewhere that you can look at the lock itself and contact the manufacturer (SG?) to get the reset codes yourself and wipe the whole thing, supposedly that way only you will know the code you set up. That is unless the lock manufacturer has a backdoor built in too.

At least someone with a liberty safe can ask them to wipe the database and try to wipe their actual lock.
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Re: Locking up your guns? Cable locks? Lock Boxes?

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blackeagle603 wrote: Thu Sep 14, 2023 2:10 pm I opted for other than a Liberty safe when I saw the inside of the door with front panel removed and compared to Amsec and Ft Knox sitting next to it.
Amsec is also one of the few companies that offer a true gun safe and not a residential security cabinet.
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Re: Locking up your guns? Cable locks? Lock Boxes?

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2 words: Mechanical Lock
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