Welcome to the Gun Counter


Welcome to The Gun Counter, an online community where you can discuss guns, gear, freedom, and everything else.

This community was originally formed around the forums at what eventually became gunthing.com; which I have been a member of since the day they opened (I wrote the 4th new topic posted) just over four years ago.

I've had the pleasure of moderating those forums for most of the past four years. I think that in that time, we've built the best internet community I've ever been a part of.

Unfortunately, the owners of gunthing.com have announced that they are retiring from blogging, and as part of their retirement will be closing the forums down.

Thankfully, many of the members of the gunthing.com community don't want to see it go away. We've formed a tight knit community, and we'd like to keep it together.

So, I, and the other current moderators of the gunthing.com forums, CombatController, 308Mike, and Randy; have opened theguncounter.com as a new community site, forum, and wiki; for the members of the gunthing, and for anyone else who cares to join, is interested in the community, and is willing to follow the (pretty simple) rules.

Let me be clear, this new site is only affiliated with the gunthing.com in that we will share some members. theguncounter.com is not owned, operated, or affiliated with gunthing.com in any way.

When the gunthing.com forums were first split off, we sort of chartered ourselves as a place where people could go and talk about... well, all the things that you would talk about standing at the counter in your local gunshop... except without the tactical tommies, and the nosales people (if you don't know what either of those are, you really do need to join our community).

I thought that gun counter metaphor was a pretty good one for the kind of community we've formed. It really captures the type of talk we do... A bit of bragging (not too much), a bit of joking, a bit of pride in our toys and our kids, and our hobbies and adventures ... and a WHOLE HECK OF A LOT OF ARGUING... In a good natured way of course.

So here we are, at theguncounter.com forums.

We expect all the members of our community to help us maintain it as a civil place, fun for all involved, and always interesting.

Chris Byrne

The Rules

These rules are established to protect the members of our community, and establish guidelines for conduct while participating in it. By participating in this community you agree to abide by these rules.


1. This site is not a democracy: This site is operated by the site management for our amusement, and for the benefit of our user community. We are not a democracy, we are a benevolent dictatorship. We do not observe the first amendment here; this is private property and you don't have a "right" to use our site to say whatever you want. Our site, our rules, if you don't want to play by them, go somewhere else.

2. No "Popular Revolutions": There is a lower subspecies of internet dweller that gets off on fomenting rebellion in user communities, building background power bases, starting splinter groups and factions etc... This type of behavior is NOT tolerated here under any circumstances. You may criticize the management all you want, but keep in mind rule 1.

3. This site is not: A for sale site, an adult web site, a dating site, a commercial advertising site, a PR site, or your personal website.

We allow the occasional NSFW posting if it is appropriate to the topic at hand. We allow vulgar and profane language within limits. We allow "for sale" notices to be posted, if the item for sale is of interest to the members, and with prior permission from site management only. Other than that, take a look at the descriptions above, and don't do that. If you do, we reserve the right to alter any posts you make, humiliate you, shame you, and otherwise make you wish you had never seen this site. You should know, our management team is creative, and has a fine sense of irony... and of vengeance.

4. Don't be an Ass: This is a CIVIL community. We don't censor language, and we don't generally restrict topics or content (except as noted below) but we do expect civil behavior. Excessive rudeness, personal attacks, argumentum ad-nauseum, hobby horsing and other ass-like behavior are not allowed. Note: What constitutes "being an ass" is entirely at the discretion of site management. Trolling and flaming, are definitely part of "being an ass".

5. Leave your pathology at home: You can be a racist, or a communist, or an alien abduction conspiracy theorist, all you want, but you can't be that here. You can be as controversial as you want providing you are civil, but if you start spouting off toxic bull, or espousing things offensive to our civil community, you will be warned, then banned... or if severe enough just banned. Again, remember rules 1 and 3.

Controversy and Argument are ENCOURAGED, but BE CIVIL, and be LEGAL. If you need us to explain to you how to be civil, perhaps this is not the community for you. If you write something that will get us sued, arrested, or shut down, it will be deleted, and you will be at least warned and possibly banned.

I should note, this means that leftists are welcome here, however espousing a leftist philosophy is not, unless you are willing to engage in reasoned discourse and debate; and keep civil. The same applies to religious evangelism. You can follow whatever religion you want to, and you're welcome here; but you may not use our site as a platform for your views. You MAY engage in civil debate on them, if you are able to.

Oh and any suggestion that our fundamental right to keep and bear arms should be eliminated, or restricted more than say Arizona state law does (and we're even a bit iffy on that) is NOT going to be civil behavior in this community.


What constitutes a violation of these rules is exclusively at the discretion of site management.

Penalties for violations of these rules are also exclusively at the discretion of site management. Remember rule number 1.

You will not be banned for being controversial, you will not be banned for disagreeing with the site management. You WILL be banned for egregious violations of the rules, or for repeated violations after warning.

Any access of this site without express permission of the site management, constitutes unlawful access and will be recorded and prosecuted both locally and federally.

Site management is not responsible for the content posted by community members. User postings do not constitute an expression of endorsement or agreement with posted contents by site management, or other community members.

All contents of this site are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. By publishing materials to this site, you agree that all such materials are to be covered under this license.

A Statement of Position on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The recent Heller decision, has as usual brought out the opponents of the second amendment; those who would repeal it, or make it's repeal effective through the disingenuous twisting of language, and deliberate misinterpretation of law.

These people must be opposed, refuted, educated, and actively resisted at all turns, by all free men; as must all attempts to abrogate our essential rights and freedoms.

The second amendment has a very clear, and very important purpose:

All men by their essential nature have the right to defend themselves and their property from harm or oppression, be it by other individuals, or by the state; through whatever means necessary up to and including lethal force.

That right is fundamental to our nature as sentient persons. No law or amendment granted that right. No repeal or passage of any amendment may abrogate that right. No repeal or passage of any law may take away that right. No government or society may say that right is invalid, unnecessary, or “uncivilized”. That right is absolute.

The second amendment recognizes that right, and specifically limits the governments ability to attempt to infringe upon it.

Some may say that such a right is unnecessary, or outdated, or that the constitution and second amendment did not recognize and should not be construed as protecting that right.

They are wrong; by ignorance, by denial, or by design.

If you want proof you need not look far...

Sudan, Rwanda, Liberia, Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Congo, Germany, Armenia, Russia... History has proven again and again; the only thing that ensures against genocide, is an armed, and educated populace. The Warsaw ghetto should be all the example you ever need.

It is our duty as free men, and as citizens, to ensure that our populace remains both educated, and armed.

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