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Keep Shopping!

Post by D5CAV » Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:47 pm

This article focuses on RVs because I guess they take the category "Recreational Goods and Vehicles" literally. ... most-money

The article focuses on the disparity between the increased spending in "Recreational Goods and Vehicles" yet notes:
But it's not just us who pointed out the plunge in RV sales: Michael Hicks, a Ball State University economist who tracks the industry, warned that the collapse in RV shipments could indicate a wider economic downturn. Hicks said shipments had fallen sharply just before the last three U.S. recessions.
What they miss is SHOT show items, also known as Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trades items are also in this category.

Any of you stocking up on ammo boosts the growth in this category.

Go out and keep shopping to help the Trump economy and Make America Great Again!
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