How I See the Fake News Tear Gas Lady Rioter

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How I See the Fake News Tear Gas Lady Rioter

Post by Jered » Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:00 am

Original context.

The tear gas thing is probably staged, and supposedly their fleeing from the US border. What isn't there is a port-of-entry.

From what I can see of this story, this woman went to a riot where people, including her, were attempting to enter the US at a time and place not designated by immigration officers in violation of 8 US Code 1325. Her attempt at criminal activity got interrupted by law enforcement. She's mad about that. She fled Honduras because of "rampant crime" and tried to become part of our crime.

She also is dumb and doesn't understand Rule #1 of a riot. That being, "Be somewhere else when it happens."

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Re: How I See the Fake News Tear Gas Lady Rioter

Post by HTRN » Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:47 am

See, now if you people had done the smart thingand elected me absolute dictator for life , the border patrol wouldnt be using tear gas to repel illegals.

Thats what minefields and Samson RCWS is for.
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Re: How I See the Fake News Tear Gas Lady Rioter

Post by Rod » Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:53 am

I posted a fisk of the original photo shown round the world before Fecesbook blocked me for three days. The block was for saying to someone after they accused Trump of everything from pedophilia to mopery, "I could call you a cocksucker but I have no proof of it, just as you have no proof of what you said.".
border attack2.jpg
Picture taken from a Reuters article. Let’s examine it more closely.
1. Border Patrol agents. Only FIVE visible, where are all of them lined up in riot gear?
2. Photographer standing with smiling people. No evidence of tear gas.
3. Photographer with tripod taking a picture of 4. Notice NO discomfort from tear gas.
4. Young man pretending to run from non-existent tear gas cloud. Notice that he’s in perfect line with photographer 3.
5. “Tear gas” grenade. A good program that can zoom in shows it’s something called a Saf Shot smoke grenade, perfectly harmless. A REAL tear gas grenade would have a thick, scarlet stripe around it and lettering in scarlet. If this had been the Border Patrol throwing tear gas, there would have been dozens of them emitting the gas.
6. Woman dragging her children away from the smoke grenade. Notice she doesn’t seem frightened, she’s not crying and there’s no snot running down her face. All effect of tear gas.
7 and 8. DIRT. Why is that important? Because this is NOT the location where the “immigrants” tried to attack the Border Patrol. That was a concrete lined ditch with much different defenses than this. Video in replies shows the area.
9. Groups of people sitting around, standing around, and under no cloud of tear gas.
This then is a staged photograph.
I could also have added that there's only one "tear gas" grenade in the picture and whatever Border Patrol agent threw it 100 yards OVER a 30 foot fence, is a Godzilla.
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