Civilian Anti Disclosure agreements?

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Civilian Anti Disclosure agreements?

Postby toad » Thu May 17, 2018 4:12 am

Weinstein going tits up in the social media and the birth of the #MeToo meme has gotten a lot of publicity. It is somewhat strange to me because the "casting couch" has long been a meme in Show Business. I remember reading Shirley Temple Black saying that after she became a teenager , she was warned that if she had an appoint with a certain studio head and he was wearing house slippers instead of shoes, she should be prepared to run around the desk a few times until he ran out wind before talking business.
There were rumors that some people with influence of casting were doing underage boys and girls with their parents knowledge of it.

Weinstein's bigest mistake was apparenly getting it on paper that his company , not him personally, would pay for his pruchases of silence from women he "had". He had NDA's from his company and the "actresses" that got "leaked" . I don't know, but I suspect that his downfall came because he kissed up to the Chinese and bad mouthed Trump. A time after that his modus got leaked and the lawyers descended upon him and his NDA's became part of "disclosure"

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