Paddle faster...

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Paddle faster...

Postby Cybrludite » Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:49 pm

"If it ain't the Devil's Music, you ain't doin' it right." - Chris Thomas King

"When liberal democracies collapse, someone comes along who promises to make the trains run on time if we load the right people into them." - Tam K.

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Re: Paddle faster...

Postby FelixEstrella » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:50 am

"Luck is where you find it—but to find it you have to look for it" -- Eugene Fluckey.

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Re: Paddle faster...

Postby g-man » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:39 am

Well that's quite a thing...
Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum

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