As thugs run rampant, destroying stuff...

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As thugs run rampant, destroying stuff...

Post by BDK » Sun May 31, 2020 10:55 pm

And I'm sitting in my plant, keeping an eye on it - and realizing how poorly prepared I am for this junk.

So, I realize I need a more thought out "go" bag.

A) Blow out kit. I've gotten the list before, and I'll dig it up, but it needs to be in there - maybe two.
B) Energy bars. (Have that covered with dry rings, sorta - miss eating brie with them.)
C) Some kind of coffee (at my office, so covered. But something hot to sip, seems helpful to staying awake* - I might be able to make something pretty good, there, actually... :D Not exactly a "naughty" idea, but it seems fun. I think I could get something in a gel cap or two, which would work pretty well..
D) Boots. My keen boots are sitting at home. That, or some five finger shoes. Five fingers are actually very precise.
E) Water. Covered in my office, and I filled up a couple bottles.
F) Tomahawk strobe light - which I have, and like - kinda like the hand strap version I keep on my night stand, but its OK.
G) Mag compatible carbine. I will be trying D&L 45 ACP freedom seeds - too light for hogs, I think - but they are reported to run well in Glocks. I'm split between a CMMG Banshee in 10MM or 45 ACP. SC is shorter ranges, and less friendly juries, so I'm thinking the 45 is a better choice - and lots of freedom seed drop is a good idea in a city like Charleston - as long as its rioters and thugs. Terrorists, and a 200 yard range would be useful.
H) Harness to carry two pistols/attach the compatible car one, reloads, flashlight, small battery pouch, energy bar, water pouch, amplifying ear plugs, and larger folding knife+multi tool.
I) If possible, have all batteries be the same, on lights and sights.
J) Small notepad and pencil.
K) Shim adjustable rear sights, and fiber optic front sights on the pistols. I like the idea of a small lamp on the rear sight, if available, to aid in finding the gun, but I have done a fair bit of night shooting, and I've yet to find the bonus for the tritium front sight, given the disadvantages it has, if shooting into a setting or rising sun, or from shadow into brightness.
L) Goofy ideas - suppressed 22 pisto, as an add on. Suppressor for carbine. CMMG in 5.7x28.

*Not much sleep last night, and I'm usually out by 9, and up ~330 or 4.

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The good

Post by BDK » Sun May 31, 2020 11:13 pm

Very high definition security system, 16 cameras around the plant, with IR illumination. As long as you're willing to deal with running PoE cable, they are very reasonable. I suggest getting one, and a 60"+ monitor.

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Re: As thugs run rampant, destroying stuff...

Post by Netpackrat » Mon Jun 01, 2020 12:02 am

If you are going to deal with the hassles that go with a long gun, get something in a real rifle cartridge. Accept that you will need different ammo and mags from your pistol, it will be worth it. Make it in 300 Blackout and your suppressor idea is not so goofy anymore. Even shooting supersonic ammo (which I would) it will help to mask your location and preserve your hearing.
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Re: As thugs run rampant, destroying stuff...

Post by BDK » Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:12 am

I have my Sig 556 10.5” barreled braced pistol with me. And a 30 cal suppressor also not with me...

The black out pistol has been on my list. That or an AR10, for use on pigs.

I’m thinking I need to find a way to lock stuff up securely in my car, and work in a real go bag... it’s pouring rain. If there’s still no sign of craziness I’ll bag out in the office in another hour or two

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Re: As thugs run rampant, destroying stuff...

Post by randy » Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:34 am

1. Communications. Spare battery or charge pack for your cell phone, maybe even a burner phone as a backup if you need to call for help and your primary is down. In a major event, a call to 911 may not bring help in a timely manner, but having a record of your calling for help might help if there is a legal aftermath to deal with.

For years the advice in a situation with lots of calls being made and overwhelming the system, try texting. During a large 4th of July event here a couple of years ago the system was so overwhelmed with multi media texts that no texts were going out, but voice calls were going through with no problem. Just Something to keep in the mental tool kit.

Have a communications plan with someone off site. In a high threat situation, have regular check ins with your off site monitor with instructions to call the Cavalry (or saddle up and be the Cavalry) if you don't check in on schedule.

If you might in the future have someone with you on guard duty, come up with a non-cell method of communication such as GMRS or MURS radios. (My family all have Amateur Radio licenses so we have that covered) Use radios that allow use of a head set with boom mike.

2. E&E. Scope out and think about where you want your vehicle parked for easy access from your building without being obvious to the casual thug looking for something to break. Have routes (including non-obvious one, such as crossing a park or lawns if practical) for getting away from the area.

If you have warning prior to going into the plant, ensure your gas tank is full.

Have routes planned to walk (run) out of the situation.

In case of having to E&E out on foot, set up pre-planned meet up places with your off-site contact to pick you up for extraction.

3. Other. When working at the EMA, I had two sets of boots , one at home/wear into the office as needed, and one I kept in the office with extra socks in case I needed to go into the field unexpectedly. I rotated them on a regular basis and therefore extended the life of both of them.

Just a few brain storming ideas
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Re: As thugs run rampant, destroying stuff...

Post by blackeagle603 » Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:00 pm

Saturday my w ife and I both found ourselves (going opposite directions) stopped on the I-8 wondering if we'd be able to get off w/out walking. Protesters shut it down. CHP's formed a line and mostly held them. Then walked off back to their vehicles and just left the protesters standing there. That defused and dispersed that action. We were able to both get off to side streets and route around it in.

Caught me unprepared. Got my wife understanding the utility of having a get home bag in the car. So there's an action item...

Trolley and unmarked buses dropping people off from outside La Mesa. Reportedly some Antifa joker agitating and organizing who is known/recognized from cities/actions all across the country.

The crowd (Mob) went from there on into La Mesa to the PD and FD near city hall to pull down and burn the flag, a bank, fire captains truck and a small armored vehicle then on into the village to break a lot of windows. Graffiti all along the way starting on the freeway.
Some armed citizens set up and saved some storefronts with "you loot we shoot message."

We showed downtown at 7:30 to sweep and pick up but were too late. Neighbors had started at 0500 and had it all done but the grafitti.
I came back at noon to work on graffiti but it had all been rolled/painted over by then. Just the graffiti left on the interstate for Caltrans to deal with (as if).

Curfews in place all across San Diego. Only action was down town.
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Re: As thugs run rampant, destroying stuff...

Post by toad » Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:00 pm

I'm waiting for some Bro to pick up a brick from a pre placed pile of them and find out it is connected to an explosive charge.

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Re: As thugs run rampant, destroying stuff...

Post by BDK » Wed Jun 03, 2020 12:00 am

So, I hung out a friends cigar shop this afternoon... which was shot up, while occupied, on Saturday...

Another group of “protestors” came marching by - mostly, just idiotic spoiled college kids - and one fellow wearing all black, gloves, and carrying a bat...

We’ve been writing rude things on the stones which gotten thrown through the windows - half inclined to mail them to the city, instead of taxes...

One friend spotted the bat and gloves fellow, and had just come back from work, so was not carrying - so I tossed him a spare set up out of my bag... and I’m now working in a lovely, very friendly city, where it makes sense to discretely carry and SBR, and loaner rigs...

@#$& commie mayors...

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Re: As thugs run rampant, destroying stuff...

Post by HTRN » Wed Jun 03, 2020 8:04 am

toad wrote:
Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:00 pm
I'm waiting for some Bro to pick up a brick from a pre placed pile of them and find out it is connected to an explosive charge.
Theyre being guarded, along with the preplaced water to deal with CS.
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Re: As thugs run rampant, destroying stuff...

Post by BDK » Wed Jun 03, 2020 9:17 am

🤔 would rigging a squib to a packet of “fox lure” count as an IED...

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