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Posted: Sun Aug 25, 2019 3:33 pm
by Rich Jordan
I picked up a 3x30 Acog on an Amazon bargain, with the chevron .308 reticle. This is my first and only Acog and it is sitting on my LaRue .308 Ultimate Upper rifle; I shot with it for the fist time yesterday.

The reticle is tiny! compared to a normal scope and I'm having issues getting it positioned such that I can get a clear view straight down the sight with a proper cheek weld. That said it was usable and accurate at a 75 yard indoor range once I switched from sight-in diamond targets to bullseyes; the chevron made it hard to center in the diamond at 75 yards but a round bull worked fine.

I may try a riser, though I don't want to, to see if I can get that clear straight through view.

Of course these are minute of goblin sights, not target...