KSG Shotgun?

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KSG Shotgun?

Postby BDK » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:29 am

I saw that Keltec is up to a 3rd gen on them now, so I figure they might be sorted. (I really want a RDB, but I want to wait.)

I have no reason for it, but I've been thinking about keeping a "negotiator" in the trunk - and it was either one of those 14" 870s, with a burris fast fire, or, once I realized the Keltec had the same OAL, one of them.

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Re: KSG Shotgun?

Postby Rich Jordan » Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:21 am

I have one, won it in a raffle after their novelty had warn down and prices fell back too; had they still been getting $1500 for them it would have been gone.

Mine is approximately a gen 2. It has about 100 rounds through it, and I now have a red-dot sight that makes it fairly easy to shoot.

Issues; it can be a little painful to load; there are toothed pieces that seem to be in the way (to me) when pushing shells in.
The selector lever that switches between the magazine tubes is a bit small.
The shells eject down with some authority and depending on how you hold the gun, they can hit your arm fairly hard.
You have to operate the slide with authority. I was surprised at the effort needed on mine to operate reliably (but when I did it was 100% reliable).
I had to "fluff and buff" mine on arrival. The magazine tubes had crud in them that you could feel when loading shells. The slide arms also had crud that after cleaning made the while action feel smoother. Every Keltec I've heard of needs that initial careful cleaning and lubing. I haven't heard anything that indicates KelTec has gotten better about that aspect.

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Re: KSG Shotgun?

Postby evan price » Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:00 pm

The new one is the KSG25.
They extended the mag tubes to hold twelve shells each plus one in the pipe..25 shots. if you use mini buck i think it's 29 shells.
The older KSG well probably drop in value as the newest range toy becomes coveted.
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Re: KSG Shotgun?

Postby Rich Jordan » Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:37 am

Woof! Didn't see that one; the last time I checked the site they only had the short barrel tactical as an option so I assumed Gen 3 was just further evolution.

Of course you're giving up a lot of compactness with the extended snout. Whether thats a worthwhile tradeoff for the additional rounds is up to the buyer, but it looks interesting.

To be fair the standard KSGs had already lost their 'ballooned' value over the last several years as supply caught up with demand.

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Re: KSG Shotgun?

Postby Precision » Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:16 am

I have one that has about 100 rounds through it. Runs fine.
Runs the aguila minis awesome.
Run 3" slugs at your own regret. Ouch on the shoulder for sure.

The "25" is well balanced and holds close to 50 of the minis, but is a bit slow pointing for me and certainly is not in your desire line.

I worked a Silencerco shoot that had one. They put about 1800 rounds through it in a day, with a can on and it stopped working 4 times, but a quick cleaning and heavy dose of lube and it was back up and running. Same rough numbers for all the other pumps used. That particular gun had already been through 4 previous shoots. So lifespan isn't that bad.
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