Help the U.S. Int'l Muzzle-Loading Team w/Amazon Smile

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Help the U.S. Int'l Muzzle-Loading Team w/Amazon Smile

Post by Mike OTDP » Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:45 pm

For those of you who do your shopping on, there's a way you can help the U.S. International Muzzle Loading Team at no cost.

Amazon Smile ( is a setup that donates part of your purchase - it's a fraction of 1% - to a charity of your choice. And the USIMLT just got onboard with it.

It takes a lot of money to send even a single competitor to the World Muzzle-Loading Championships. Registration fees for a single competitor ran over $100 at the 2016 per-match fees. Powder was $40/lb...and you can't fly with gunpowder.

So if you could see fit to sign up, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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