Celebratory Marksmanship

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Celebratory Marksmanship

Post by Jericho941 » Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:17 am

So, I was invited out to a friend's place in the middle of nowhere today to go shoot, because America. So, I did. A range trip that only costs you ammo and gas is always a plus. Besides, I'd been waiting forever for an opportunity to play with my replacement 10/22 and FEG Hi-Power.

We set up as normal, with a homemade steel target (turns out: pistol target only, more on that later) and some splatter targets. I peered through the scope that came through my used 10/22, centered the crosshairs on the bulls'-eye, squeezed and...

...God only knows where the bullet went. Okay, so the zero was way off. Fair enough; this wasn't my first rodeo. It was, like, my third at least. So, guesstimating on the wiggling plants in the berm, shifted my aim to the right side of the target and fired again. Still nothing but waving fronds. I adjusted still further right and fired again. Splat: One hit on the extreme left edge of the target.

This was only at about 25 yards. Who the hell owned this thing last? I began to adjust the scope, but I always seemed to hit a bit to the left when I tried to make careful adjustments. So I said screw it and started cranking that bitch like Bartek. I bought 100 rounds. I had it zeroed in 60. What I lack in accuracy I make up for in enthusiasm (and thus gain accuracy). Soon I was pinging shot after shot against the gong. Mission accomplished.

Up next was the FEG Hi-Power. I did not realize what I was in for. Had I known that I had discovered the reality simulation's joke weapon, I would have been prepared. Alas, I was not. I expended 100 rounds of CCI ammo trying to find the target. In frustration I wound up standing five feet in front of the target, aimed at the center and fired. Nothing. Where did that bullet go? Did it ever exist to begin with? Was I the sort of moron you hear about in gun threads who fires a squib and fills his barrel with bullets? Well, I cleared the damn thing and checked it: no blockage. Illuminati confirmed. Had one FTE/FTF. Otherwise it ran fine, but I don't need a gun that teleports bullets to random locations throughout space and time. For all I know I assassinated JFK today.

So, that steel target? Turns out it'll stand up to .22 and 9mm just fine. When another guest showed up with her AR-15 with green tip ammo, not so much. This was acceptable, as our host decided this was a test run. I'm not sure how glad I should be that I didn't blast my own balls off, but as intended, only the target was worse for wear.

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Re: Celebratory Marksmanship

Post by PawPaw » Tue Jul 05, 2016 12:58 pm

Yeah, steel targets are fun, but it's best to go with good AR500 steel.

A buddy of mine works in a metal fab shop, and he brought me what he described as "the toughest steel we've ever worked." He didn't know the alloy, but a customer wanted some blind flanges made. They looked for all the world like Mickey Mouse blanks, and already had holes drilled in the ears. About 6 inches in diameter. Well, heck, here's a picture of it.


On the left is the target I'm talking about, on the right is a good 9" target made of AR500 steel. I bought the AR500 gong from Quality Steel Targets.

A week or so later, I hung the targets on the range and stepped off to shoot them at 100 yards. The AR500 always stands up to rifle fire, but the target my buddy made?? Not so much.


It might stand up to handgun or rimfire ammo, but good centerfire rounds just blow through it. That hole in the target is nothing special, just a .30 cal 150 grain hunting bullet. Probably a Hornady or Sierra soft point.

A couple of good AR500 targets are a lifetime investment. You won't wear them out, and the bullets won't punch through them.
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