Kahr CW45

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Kahr CW45

Postby Darrell » Sat Aug 01, 2015 5:52 pm

I took a friend to the indoor range this morning, we tried each others' guns. He has a little Kahr CW45, paid all of $330 or so for it. It's a single stack .45 acp compact, 6+1. DAO, striker fired. Great little gun! Shot well for me. Recoil is a bit more than with my 1911s and such, but quite manageable. It has a longish trigger reach, but no safety.

He was curious about my S&W Model 25 Lew Horton Special--he doesn't own any revolvers, and wanted to try it. LOL He shot about a foot high with it, while it's right on for me. :lol: I think he satisfied his curiosity about wheelguns.
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