W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

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W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

Post by FastRope71 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 8:55 pm

Here is the place to list compatible magazines and what modifications one must do to make them work. Generally, if mag bodies are compatible between frames, the only thing one must do is create a new void where the mag catch engages the magazine. I have emphasize, for the uninitiated and the graduate alike, that it is very important to exercise due diligent in measuring and comparing before you start on the conversion.

Beretta 9x and Springfield XD - to use the Beretta mag in the XD you need to sculpt a half moon hole in the front of the mag body (properly sized and located)Note: don't slam the mags in hard as you may damage the ejector finger if the mag catch hole passes the catch before it can grab. To reverse the trade, you must cut a slot in the front left corner of the mag approximately at the bottom of the diamond shaped bend in the side.

Now if the class will share their knowledge on the subject.....
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Re: W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

Post by randy » Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:10 pm

As this is likely to be a long time, slow motion thread, I made it a sticky. This would also be a good subject to add to the Wiki.
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Glenn Bartley
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Re: W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

Post by Glenn Bartley » Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:22 pm

I don't think this is a good idea and I say so with all due respect. Here is why:

I have to wonder why would anyone want to take a perfectly good magazine meant for one gun, then risk ruining it by cutting it to fit in another brand of pistol where it may or may not function properly or reliably and may even ruin parts of the gun? Do you truly think the instructions that were give (due diligent and all) were detailed enough so that someone could accomplish the task on the first try? It was even noted not to push in the mags too fast or hard once the specific modification is made to a Beretta 9X mag to allow it to fit into a Springfield XD otherwise it may damage the ejector finger!

Can anyone here tell me exactly what is an ejector finger? I just went to the Numrich Gun Parts site and ran a search of 'ejector finger' and here was the result: "There are no products available in this category"; then I ran a search on 'ejector' and here was the result: "Your query returned more than 1000 results (the first 1000 shown)". Maybe Springfield calls their ejector an ejector finger but somehow I doubt it. In over 45 years of shooting I have not heard the term before. Yet for some reason, despite possibly offbeat nomenclature, and questionable instruction on how to alter gun parts, this thread has been given enough significance to be made into a sticky and with the recommendation that the topic be added to the wiki!

Of course, this may all be a great topic for some but I would prefer to see information posted on this site from a well qualified and very experienced gunsmith on this subject. Now for all we know the person who recommended this type of modification is a qualified gunsmith but I have to wonder. You see, in the past, I have asked a few very qualified and very experienced gunsmiths just what they thought of making modifications to guns and gun parts to interchangeably use them in different guns. This included me specifically asking about modifying a magazine to fit a rifle for which I was having difficulty obtaining an original mag. The recommendation from each was the same, to stick (no pun intended) with parts actually made for the firearms you are using and not to start fiddling around with others trying to get them to fit to save a buck. Why? One of the main reasons was a safety concerns. One of the main safety concerns, especially with defensive weapons, was because the result might be that you will lose the gunfight when the altered part in your gun fails or otherwise causes the gun to fail. Heck, the instructions given here even warn of gun part failure (breakage) due to the recommended modification! The instructions also point out that generally all the modification required is to cut a new magazine catch hole but being somewhat experienced with firearms I also have to wonder – will the magazine lips of one mag from manufacturer A allow the magazine to be used and have it feed ammo reliably into a gun manufactured by gun manufacturer B. Sorry but to me this sounds so much like a malfunction waiting to happen that I have to pass it up. I'll buy original manufacturer mags, or proven reliable aftermarket mags, meant for the actual firearms in which they will be used and I strongly urge others to do likewise.

All the best,
Glenn B
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Re: W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

Post by rightisright » Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:02 pm

I can see where the knowledge may be helpful in a SHTF scenario. If you had a bunch of old mags lying around and only one factory mag for your available weapon... Otherwise, I'll stick to factory magazines. Why risk breaking your gun/voiding your warranty unless your life depended on it?

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Re: W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

Post by FelixEstrella » Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:15 pm

Seems like a good thread to me. Say grandpa left you a whole box of Cz75 military mags you wish to use in your XD.

As for ejector finger ..... it's the ejector, you know the *finger* that sticks forward out of the frame in the path of an oncoming empty case.
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Re: W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

Post by Durham68 » Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:43 pm

The gun shops around here always have old spare mags with no labels on them for dirt cheap. They all look the same and I can never figure out what they belong to. I am always tempted to see if I can get them to run in my hi-power. Good thread idea.
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Re: W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

Post by Ben Rumson » Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:52 pm

The thread is about WECSOG'ery. It's about hacking stuff up and making it work. More an engineering exercise than anything else.

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Re: W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

Post by TheIrishman » Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:44 pm

Glenn Bartley wrote: I have to wonder why would anyone want to take a perfectly good magazine meant for one gun, then risk ruining it by cutting it to fit in another brand of pistol where it may or may not function properly or reliably and may even ruin parts of the gun?
Glenn B
Living in a state with its craptastic "assault weapons ban" finding 15 rounders for my CZ75 is near impossible. They are legal but no places around here stock them. All the online sellers mistake them for what would be ILLEGAL 16 rounders and wont ship them to NJ.

I have a single 15 round Beretta mag that fits in my frame but needs some tweaking of the feed lips and a mag catch hole to (in my opinion) function in my CZ. I can find those mags everywhere cheaply.

Will I use these in life or death situations? No. If there is damage to some parts of my pistol will I be rendered gunless? No(I have tons of extra parts). But if I can get them to function well I can save my five factory 15s from wear and damage when using my drop free mod.
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Re: W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

Post by Combat Controller » Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:22 pm

Back when the AWB sunset XD owners had a long wait for high cap mags. It turned out Beretta mags fir perfect (same template?) except for where the mag catch hooked. A small dimple was pressed into some by CTD and the three I bought all held 17 rounds and still run to this day. Now I can get OE parts I will buy those first, but someday it might be useful to know something like that.

Another example I can think of are FAL's and the inch vs metric mags.

AR-10's use three different type of mags depending on who made the lower. Mods might or might not work on those but would be good to know at least.

SKS and AK mags Are another I can think of.

I have run 9mm in .38 super mags in different guns when I ran short in the past and so has Miss G&T in IDPA. Always worked.

Some mags suck for you gun no matter what, like 7.62x39 aftermarket high cap Ruger mags (still don't know if OE are now avail), making mods to get them to work would be a godsend.

That is just offhand. More later if I can think of any. Specific info would probably be appreciated by folks though.
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Re: W.E.C.S.O.G. - Mag Compatability 101:group excercise

Post by Timo » Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:02 pm

Ruger is selling 20 rounders for the mini 30 , I have 2 of them.

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