Comp-Tac Contour Belt

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Comp-Tac Contour Belt

Post by Jered » Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:26 am

Well, I recently purchased a Comp-Tac contour belt, and wore it for several weeks with my regular everyday carry items. I've been carrying a CZ-75 P01 on that belt. I was using a regular leather belt before that worked ok, but it wasn't the most comfortable, so I bought myself one of these belts. I first read about them on The Truth About Guns blog.

I wore it, and once it breaks in, the difference is night and day. It doesn't seem to stretch, it's tough, and if makes the holster and the pistol feel a lot more comfortable. I'd say that this is probably the best belt that I've ever owned, and I can wear it with a suit.

Everything is tough and feels very well made. I almost want to try and swing from the rafters with it.

In my opinion, if you buy one of these belts, you won't go wrong with it.

Comp-Tac's customer service is also pretty good. I ordered one of these belts for my dad, for his birthday, and the staff their put a note in the package wishing my dad a happy birthday, and they sent him some candy.
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Re: Comp-Tac Contour Belt

Post by Yogimus » Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:41 am

That is AWESOME.

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