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Re: Ye Olde Reloading Bench Picture Thread

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:07 am
Theres a couple of things different iw ould do, over what Net did..
1)I wouldn't use plywood, a butcherblock top wouldnt be that much money Grizzly industrial, through amazon, has an 8ftx 30 inch, by 1.75 for 300 bucks. Ikea has butcherblock countertops for under 200 bucks. Lumber liquidators has a beatiful cherry 8 foot countertop for 300 bucks. Personally i would go with the longest length by 30 inchs deep, so you can have workspace and some on bench storage without getti g in the way.

2) i would do an open steel tube frame, high enough to put these underneath, after installing a t track bucherblock top on them - this way you have even more workspace if needed.

3) the backsplash i would put up akrobin panels, for storage, with upper cabinets, with an eight foot power strip screwed to the underside of the cabinet along with low voltage lighting.

4)storage for brass and bullets. Best storage i can come up with for brass is plastic shoeboxes from walmart. I have yet to find an ideal method for bullets. Some kind of wall unit with labeling would be mandatory.

5)some kind of storage cabinet/closet for the large heavy equipment. Inline fab makes storage racks for teir system, so maybe use something kluged out of adjustable shelving rack for height adjustment?

Re: Ye Olde Reloading Bench Picture Thread

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:37 am
by Netpackrat
Tube steel wasn't really in the cards since I didn't have 220v for the welders installed yet. That will be a project for the coming summer. Butcher block would have been nice but I didn't want to try to accurately cut the grooves for the t-slot track, and I am limited to what I can find locally or get shipped up reasonably. Also at the time I started building the bench, I still had 2 house payments, so I was getting as far as I could with as little as possible. Once the other house sold, I was able to buy the t-slot track, plywood top material, wall cabinets, etc. The shelves and hardware were removed from my old shop/house and given a fresh coat of paint.

Amazon had those cabinets for about $80 and they honored the free shipping to AK, so I bought 9 of them, and have them throughout the shop. Very nearly put one of the power strips on the bottom of those; jury is still out on whether I will do that in the rest of the shop. I have a few of Inline Fab's wall hangers for the quick change units, have only mounted a couple of them so far. I am not using my cabinets real efficiently yet but that will improve over time. I built a more crude "utility bench" to the left of where I stood taking the first picture that has my ultrasonic cleaner, brass tumbler, etc. Basically anything that could produce liquid spillage will go there.

Height of the reloading bench is matched to that of my portable work tables elsewhere in the shop.

Re: Ye Olde Reloading Bench Picture Thread

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:26 am
Netpackrat wrote:I was getting as far as I could with as little as possible.
Oh, man, I know that feeling, I don't just squeeze a nickel, i put it in a press to get a little more out of it. :mrgreen: