Revolvers, Brass, and Primers

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Re: Revolvers, Brass, and Primers

Post by JAG2955 » Wed May 25, 2016 8:24 pm

I bought some Longshot and some Hornady 230gr XTPs to try and reload the .460 Rowland.

First mistake: Tossing all of the brass into a mixed bucket. Playing "find the casing that's 1/16" longer than the others" sucks. But I found enough.

Other than the fact that it was a bitch to properly set up the .45ACP dies for it, it went well. Starting load is 10.0gr of Longshot with a 230gr bullet. I worked up to 11.0 grains, as the max was 12.0.

She shot well, didn't explode, and I got to keep all of my fingers. No signs of overpressure, easy extraction, and pretty controllable. The 325 has no issues at all with CCI Large Pistol Primers.

The Buffalo Bore 230gr JHPs that I had purchased had about 12gr of a powder very similar in visual characteristics to Longshot.

The recoil was a little lighter than the fastball slap of the Buffalo Bore, but these also actually worked. I wish that I had thought forward enough to pull one of the rounds.

1.275" OAL, I'm guessing around 830 ft-lbs energy for 11.0gr of Longshot. If you're counting, that's stronger than WalMart .44mag loads. If someone has QuickLoad and could toss it in there, I'd love to see what it all says, especially the pressure at that charge.

I don't know if I'd be willing to push it much higher, though I might get some more of the loads just to pull them and weigh the charges and bullets, just to check. I don't feel like battering the frame to death, but I don't think that a cylinder or two every year would hurt it.

If I had a Dan Wesson 7460, I've heard that you can load 300gr bullets in this caliber. :shock: Not in my 325!

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