ammo is coming back (9mm at Cabela's)

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Re: ammo is coming back (9mm at Cabela's)

Post by Dinochrome One » Sat Oct 04, 2014 3:06 pm

Just got back from a Walmart "special event"; CCI .22LR in 100-round boxes for $7.47 each. Limit three boxes, sale to start at 0800, first come-first served. I was #10 in line, and yes, there were little numbered tickets. By the time the sale started, there were over two hundred people in line.

The packaging for this ammo was the most generic-looking that I've ever seen from CCI; just a black box with big red CCI on the top and both ends. The cartridges are plain lead, standard velocity, and the only game in town. :evil:
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