2016 Dead Goblin Count

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2016 Dead Goblin Count

Post by randy » Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:13 pm

From the American Handgunner website
Last year, private citizens killed at least 331 criminals in acts of justifiable homicide, according to the FBI. Of those deceased bad guys, 227 were dispatched with firearms including 197 people killed with handguns, another dozen with rifles, 10 with shotguns and 57 in cases where the firearm was not identified by the reporting agency.
An additional 435 criminals were killed by law enforcement, the report added. Of them, 429 died from gunshot wounds, five were killed with “other dangerous weapons,” and one was killed with a “personal weapon,” which typically translates to fists or feet.
IOW about 44% of the total Dead Goblin count for 2016 is from private citizens. You know, those unqualified peasant's "playing cop" and "taking the law into their own hands" without the benefit of receiving a government paycheck to make them an "Only One".
None of these people should be confused with murder victims, though the gun prohibition lobbying groups will probably find some way to lump them all together as victims of “gun violence.” In 2016, there were 15,070 total murder victims, according to the FBI report. That’s up 8.6 percent from the 13,750 people slain in 2015.

Of those crime victims, 11,004 were murdered with firearms of some type...
Given that Justifiable in many places means the victim had reasonable cause to think they were going to die, that means that in the gun free utopias of the Brady types, the murder rate would likely have been 3% higher last year had the citizens not been armed and the Goblins prevailed.

It would probably have been much higher in such a "utopia" since, as we know, most defensive uses of firearms do not result in dead Goblins, and in the majority of those uses, the citizen doens't have to fire.
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