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Re: Char B1 bis Tank

Post by Johnnyreb » Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:59 pm

Before Guderian wrote his book about the Blitzkrieg, Charles DeGaulle wrote a book about mechanized warfare. Only a few hundred copies were sold in France, who totally ignored the notion that their motorized pillboxes might be more useful if they moved faster than 3 MPH. The Germans, if I recall right, bought 5 or 6 thousand copies of DeGaulle's book.

And then Guderian published his version.

Meanwhile, in Britain, the British armor pioneers were having to fight the army establishment every step of the way. So they resorted to publishing their work in newspapers and magazines and being scathing in editorials about their opposition. And given how the British had their battalions/regiments that were one's permanent home unit and how promotions worked. The people they annoyed in the 30s saw to it that none of the British armor pioneers commanded an armored division in the war.

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