More info or Iran abducting US Sailors?

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Re: More info or Iran abducting US Sailors?

Post by First Shirt » Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:25 pm

Vonz90 wrote: Same crap applies, make the expectations known, train the right way and get rid of the non-performers. It is not fancy but it works.
These clowns didn't do a navigation brief, didn't know their operational chain of command, didn't have a coms plan or a reaction plan. Negligence doesn't even begin to describe it.
After I quit being an intel geek, and became an office dweeb first shirt, I had to deal with this for AF units deployed. And I'd start with the stuff they taught us at Fairchild (20 years before) , and they'd look at me like I was speaking Klingon. The only saving grace was that they'd all served together, and they understood the chain of command. (There are benefits to having Reserve units available!)

If one of mine had pulled this crap, they'd still be pulling me out of the rafters of the old hanger bay!!!!!
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Re: More info or Iran abducting US Sailors?

Post by Wrenchbender1 » Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:35 am

First Shirt wrote:
Wrenchbender1 wrote:But how likely is that, under the current mis-administration?
I only met about half a dozen generals during the time I was in, and the impression that I got from those few was that they were politicians who just happened to have brass on their collars (I have no doubt there are many exceptions, but that would work in the military's favor anyway). One of the things most politicians do best, is cover their ass.
In this case, ensuring adequate manning on small detachments, which would lessen the chance of procedures being skipped for the sake of making mission, Send all small boat crews to the Navy equivalent of SERE school (If that doesn't happen already), and remind the Navy as a whole that destruction of government property is sometimes a GOOD thing (/Cough Hainan Island /cough). If a damaged piece of equipment (in this case a boat) is limiting your options tactically, and anchoring you to a very bad situation, take the crew on board and sink the POS. A running gun battle's better than capture, or being on the receiving end of the O.K. Corral 2.0

Basically, I think that even with this administration it's possible, although probably for the wrong reasons (Self preservation at all levels rather than improving our nation's fighting force).
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