It was a busy airplane spotting day

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It was a busy airplane spotting day

Postby Steamforger » Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:41 am

First thing this morning I notice a Dreamlifter will be making a pass close enough to see. It was still a bit dark and she was pretty far south of me, but I could still make her out.

Around noon, an Emirates A380 headed to San Francisco graced us with her presence. We get a lot of them coming south through Canada headed towards LAX and SFO. They pretty much pass directly overhead.

Throughout the day a KC-135 and a P-8 were flying a regular east to west and back pattern with a couple of fighters flying escort. They've been doing this all week, so it's been fun to see. I couldn't quite make out the fighters, but I'd guess an F-18 and F-16. I'm kind of hoping the smaller was the new Navy drone. I'll take my bino's in tomorrow and hope for a clearer look.

The KC-135 popped up on Flightradar24, which I thought was odd, being military. Nope. Omega Air Refueling Some company is contracting air refueling ops. 4 of the 6 of us in the office are retired USAF and no one had ever heard of such a thing.

Not a bad day, really.

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