German Elections

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German Elections

Post by Vonz90 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:57 pm ... ightmarish

Interesting analysis....

It is a bit of a shame for the AfD as they have gone a bit wacky in some respects, even if I do not think they are quite as bad as French Nationalist party - but that is not such a high bar.

In a sane world, the CDU would have cherry picked the good issues out of the original AfD platform (lower immigration and more rational policy towards migrants/refuges, a sensible degree of national sovereignty, more pro-family and pro-growth, etc.) and probably taken almost all of their voters - but Merkel is rather an absolutest with not a conservative bone in her body (it is a funny story about how she ended up in charge of the CDU in East Germany, she only ended up in that one because the other puppet socialist party she was a member of fell apart, then almost all of the leadership in the puppet CDU turned out to be all on the take from the Stazi after reunification, she was left holding the reigns by default - basically zero chance she was not a committed Communist at heart.)

Oh well, interesting times and all that.

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