20th of July Plot

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20th of July Plot

Postby Vonz90 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:12 pm

73 years ago today. A pity they didn't get him. I do think Hitler had a point afterwards that it would have been easier for one of them to just pull a pistol and shoot him.

Family trivia, some of the planning for the plot was done at a relative of mine's home outside of Berlin. Said family member (an older lady at the time) was able to avoid arrest afterwards by claiming that some officers of her acquaintance asked to use her home and she considered it her patriotic duty to let them use it while claiming no knowledge of what they used it for. I do not actually know if she was in on it or not, but the story from my Grandmother was that she was aware of at least the general idea of what they were doing.

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