West Point Communist Kicked Out Of Army

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Re: West Point Communist Kicked Out Of Army

Post by scipioafricanus » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:43 am

Netpackrat wrote:
Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:29 pm
AlaskaTRX wrote:
Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:32 pm
Netpackrat wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:00 am
Although this just goes to show, that no matter how vile a person may be, one can usually find at least some amount of common ground with him...

But old songbird McCain is one of “them”???
McStain is a professional fence shitter.
Turns out he is worse, considering he hired this guy. https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-roo ... %20release
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