Comment period for BATFE "bump fire" stocks and...

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Rich Jordan
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Comment period for BATFE "bump fire" stocks and...

Post by Rich Jordan » Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:35 pm

I am quoting this from Undefined's board. The regulatory push abut bump stocks may be being turned into yet another assault on semi-auto firearms.


I know you're accustomed to me sending out deal alerts and other communications that are less than critical, but today is different. The BATFE is requesting comments and feedback on bump fire stocks and bump fire devices for the purpose of reevaluating how they are classified under the NFA and GCA. While this may not seem to apply to you if you don't own or use such devices, it merits your immediate attention.

Depending on how they define such devices, we could see sweeping regulatory action against not just bump fire stocks, but also aftermarket triggers, gas blocks, buffers, buffer springs, bolt carrier groups, and even semi automatic firearms themselves. Before you close this email and think this is hyperbole, please consider the following:

1) Any semiautomatic firearm can be bump fired without aftermarket accessories. It is a skill that is not hard to learn.

2) Numerous parts (lightweight bolt carrier groups, adjustable gas blocks, buffer springs, buffers, triggers, etc.) has an effect on cyclic rate of a firearm. Any of these can be shown to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic.

3) Trying to thread the needle and ban only those things that seemingly produce near fully automatic rates of fire while complying with the National Firearms Act is difficult or impossible. It is nearly impossible to do so without also banning products that have nothing to do with bump fire guns.

I implore you to take a few minutes and make your opinion on the matter known. This is not the type for a form letter - the BATFE is required to consider and respond to all valid comments and concerns, so 50 people or 50k people sending in the same words is meaningless. This situation requires your own thoughts, opinions, concerns, and words.

I'm not asking you to defend bump fire guns, I am asking you to put forth your opinion known to the federal agency that may suddenly reclassify legal items you own, wish to own, make, build, or sell, as contraband and illegal.

Comments are due by Jan 25 2018, at 11:59 PM ET. Please take the time to make your opinion known, and share this with any others that may likewise have an opinion to share.

The link to post comments and review the regulatory proceedings is: ... -0001-0001

Thank you,

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